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"The organization of agricultural producers of Mondragone (OP Domitia Felix) has delivered a lung respirator to the San Rocco hospital in Sessa Aurunca to help healthcare fight the coronavirus pandemic. This was certainly a noble gesture on the behalf of the cooperative society which is cuurently composed of 21 companies, between small and medium enterprises and is led by the president Umberto Cinque. The coopertaive aims to relaunch the territory through the beautiful landscapes and typical products. And it does this through practical measures. In this case, given the purchase of a respirator, the hospital has five pulmonary respirators. the global health crisis sees the Presidio Ospedaliero Aurunco forced to reorganize. It was necessary to activate within the emergency room two lanes of intervention in order to intervene both on ordinary emergencies and on cases covid-19. Construction works are planned to renovate all departments in order to meet all the structural, organizational and procedural criteria to improve the patients care. The renovation will earn San Rocco a regional certification that will allow it to reach a high quality standard. Outpatient visits will gradually resume in this second phase. Despite the obvious difficulties in which the health company that they dealt with - between lack of staff and obvious structural difficulties - the health director Salvatore Morretta and the whole hospital are trying to make up for the shortcomings highlighted so far, with action plans to rehabilitate and make San Rocco more efficient."

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