Società Cooperativa Agricola

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What is a PO?

Producers' Organisations are organisms established by the European Union that bring together agricultural companies operating in the fruit and vegetable production sector. Their tasks are not only the general representation and protection of their members, but also the planning and marketing of the production, the promotion of product quality and the strengthening of the position of the producers in relation to the buyers.
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Our Mission

Our OP Domitia Felix (Società Cooperativa Agricola di Mondragone)was born with the intent to identify a need felt by consumers and not yet satisfied to define an idea of product that can actually satisfy this need.
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Orto Domitio

Domitia Felix offers seasonal vegetables according to their natural growth and harvest cycle, always ensuring the highest quality and sustainability for the environment and customers’ health.
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Latest news

When this adventure began, we immediately said that we would not be easily satisfied. We stated that the project would have only made sense if we gave it a great, inclusive purpose. The OPs are born as a cooperative tool and guarantee the competitiveness of the operators in the sector, they establish the guidelines to […]
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We strongly believe in sharing and collaboration between professionals. We believe that empathy is a value that needs to be defended andhas the gift of making us feel more united, stronger: more human. For this reason we are proud and honored to support the Peter Pan Association; thus, we’re happy to be at the behalf […]
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The archaeological area of the ancient Roman colony of Sinuessa in the territory of Sessa Aurunca and Mondragone has certainly been among the major sites of geopolitical interest since ancient times, as it was the easiest passage to the south of the Italian peninsula and was a transit route for the entire Mediterranean basin of goods produced in Campania Felix.
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