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OP Domitia Felix Presentation

When this adventure began, we immediately said that we would not be easily satisfied.

We stated that the project would have only made sense if we gave it a great, inclusive purpose. The OPs are born as a cooperative tool and guarantee the competitiveness of the operators in the sector, they establish the guidelines to be followed and, in some way, they trace the path by making the individual members stronger on the market.

However, this cannot be the sole purpose of our OP, by Domitia Felix.

We feel as if we’re all part of the territory and we are convinced that the land and everything that comes from it must be understood not only as a consumer good but also as a shared cultural value. We see that corporatism not only makes producers stronger but also promotes a synergistic exchange between those who produce and those who live in the territory.

A new development model is possible and it is validated through the respect for the land and its ethical use; it’s expressed through the search for the quality of the entire system. We are convinced that this is a determining factor: quality must be a concept that underlies not only the product itself, but the entire production process; it must be a virtuous path that takes into account every single step and never forgets that there are men and women who take part in this process and consume the final products.

Yes, a new model is possible and we want to try, with you, to make it solid and fruitful starting from the wisdom of the traditions and looking towards a future made of cutting-edge technologies, innovative ideas and genuine products.

This is an adventure that concerns all of us and speaks of a healthy and conscious consumption; an adventure of integration, culture and genuineness; a story that makes health its beating heart.

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