Mission of the OP Domitia Felix

Our OP Domitia Felix (Società Cooperativa Agricola di Mondragone)was born with the intent to identify a need felt by consumers and not yet satisfied to define an idea of product that can actually satisfy this need. The core concept is to relaunch the territory of Mondragone (also known as territorio domitio) thanks to our agricultural products.

We chose to make sure that our cultural heritage serves as a tourist attraction for our territory.

The goal is to renew the offer of an appealing destination for everyone’s needs, making it able to attract new flows of tourists.

In this perspective, then, we must study the development models and give voice and body to the Universities that could find enough scientific production within the phenomenon of domitian tourism and covering the most diverse areas.

Between the main objectives of OP Domitia Felix there are: creating scientific forges that can reconnect to the territory, creating a logic of integration of the data contained in the network and making the data accessible, reliable and visible in the immediate, creating systems of interoperability through the digitalization of the cultural product and defining new communication strategies.

Our mission is also to put in synergy agriculture, trade, logistics, tourism, local authorities and citizens by creating an integrated system which is tailored to our territory and thus able, to offer opportunities for these areas to better progress, since they haven’t yet been involved in economic and territorial development. And, in this case, diversity is the strength of our team’s work.

A highly skilled team with different experiences and abilities will lead to a unique enrichment thanks to the exchange of ideas, solutions and possibilities, and this can only make the path even more challenging.

Don’t ever be afraid of making mistakes: it’s always worth trying than doing nothing at all.

Collaboration is the first thing to focus on. Collaborating between us can be communicated in an open and direct way, without competitions or any other controversy but aiming at a common goal that is to self-improve by learning from each other. Furthermore, collaboration increases the ability for innovation and actually eases the development of new ideas by stimulating the growth of its business.

It is firmly believed that Mondragone’s biggest treasure is agriculture. Therefore it’s necessary for us to recall with great nostalgia that, years ago, agriculture was the main and driving force of the economy of the Domitian territory and it has been heavily penalized and left without any supervision for too many years due to many different causes.

Agriculture and productive activities can be a great opportunity to redeem our territory. The products of the domitian coast, indeed, represent excellences able to give important visibility, in terms of quality, to the various producers of our area.

A sustainable agriculture combined with tourism must be the greatest opportunity to relaunch the entire coastline. Italy, today, is considered one of the favorite destinations for food and wine tourists from all over the world. Food and wine represent the reason that drives one in two tourists to take a trip to Italy. Food and wine represent the reason that drives one in two tourists to take a trip to Italy.

Food and wine tourism is therefore a great opportunity for our companies and for our territory and can generate thousands of jobs.

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