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Making a dream come true

We know that, the greater the ambition behind a project, the more time it will take for that project to come to life. Sometimes it will take years for it to be realized from its planning phase, with a difficult path full of obstacles that surely need to be overcome.
Once the general idea is born it’s time to take action, gather strength, and ask for an expert opinion. Projects are what dreams need to come to life. Our instincts and our passion guide us, initially, yet one thing’s for sure: without a solid project basis, it’s difficult not to fall.
If the project has a solid foundation, if the idea behind the project has been validated and if it’s possible to appreciate the effort it takes on the long run , then every criticism — whether it may be a positive or negative one — will serve as an opportunity to grow and ease our weaknesses. Listening to the world is a crucial point in this case. While it’s always true that the customer is right, it’s also true that the world is even more right. With this in mind, we must first of all be fierce with ourselves, with the aim of improving and achieving our much desired project.
Everyone has a secret wish that would like to come true, though not everyone is capable of doing so. Have you ever asked yourself why? Have you ever wondered why?
There are those who speak of luck or talent, those who say that it’s all thanks to genes and intelligence. Well, actually it’s not like this. We surely don’t deny the fact that luck exists and helps in many ways, but we do believe that a dream can come true when you really want it, when you truly believe it can come to life. Fear is the biggest obstacle to overcome. And this is what makes people stop. If the dream is perceived as something unreachable then the fear of not being up to it arises. And there will always be someone telling you you won’t make it, but this usually happens because they never tried in the first place. Here’s the main step in understanding who’s capable of supporting you and who’s not: there will be people who will guide and support you through everything and they will be the ones that give you the strength to carry on your dream job. According to the psychology professor Julius Kuhl — a luminary in its job, a man who devoted his life to study the mechanisms that make people realize their dreams — many different conditions are needed in order to succeed in this challenge.
These four conditions are:
  1. knowing your goal;
  2. understanding what needs to be changed;
  3. understanding the difference between who you are and who you want to be;
  4. knowing the appropriate action that will take you in that direction.
If only one of these conditions is missing, it’s probably going to be impossible to achieve any goal, whether it’s in your professional, emotional or personal sphere. A producer may join an OP for one or more products: the statutes of the OPs require that a single producer wishing to join an OP with one or more products is able to choose only one producer organization.
The first dream came true!
The 14th December 2018 DOMITIA FELIX SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA is born in Mondragone. DOMITIA FELIX AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE SOCIETY Business Register Official archive of the Chamber of Commerce Document n. T 302307898 Tax code and registration number: 04370040612 Registration date: 14/01/2019 Sections: Registered in the ORDINARY section With corporate purpose: theCooperative must be governed by the principles of mutuality, without the purpose of private speculation. It has the purpose of constant improvement and greater enhancement of the products delivered.
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