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We strongly believe in sharing and collaboration between professionals. We believe that empathy is a value that needs to be defended andhas the gift of making us feel more united, stronger: more human.

For this reason we are proud and honored to support the Peter Pan Association; thus, we’re happy to be at the behalf of women and men who have made solidarity something strong and real: solid as the walls of a house; concrete as the more than seven hundred families who, over the years, Peter Pan has hosted.

Every year around the world, about three hundred thousand children suffer from one of the sixty types of pediatric cancer. Children and adolescents who, if treated promptly and with the best therapies, heal in 80% of cases.

Peter Pan exists to welcome, free of charge, these children and young people together with their families; to host them in Rome for the whole period of care and when they will need to return for subsequent checks and examinations.

From today Peter Pan can also count on us, on OP Domitia Felix, because we are convinced that a better world also passes through the support of virtuous realities like this; because we feel that being fellow travelers of "The House of Peter Pan" is a duty and an opportunity.

2400 children and teenagers who get cancer every year in Italy 35,000 new cases in Europe 300,000 new cases worldwide 60 different types of pediatric cancer

These are numbers that hurt, that almost make you want to close your eyes to mitigate the pain, but we cannot and should not do it. Together, with courage and open eyes we must fight, hold hands and remain united.

One of the characteristics that most makes us human is to feel with the heart of the other. Through this deep participation we can feel part of the same community, we can help and support each other. Because, quite simply, we know it’s the right thing.

This is the spirit that pervades Peter Pan and the universe of women and men who support the project.

For those who want to know more about The House of Peter Pan:


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